Design and Engineering

Our project team designs booth, projects and designs their decoration according to the wishes and requirements of the client, as well as according to our ideas.
When designing, special attention is paid to the safety of stands as well of other constructive elements. According to the rules of the fairs, we prepare all the necessary technical documentation for necessary technical permits for the construction of a stand at the fair.


We make stands according to confirmed projects from prefabricated structures octanorm, maxima constructions, aluminum lattice constructions allure, wooden construction, board materials (chipboard, painted plywood), plexiglass and other materials in accordance with the established design.
We also offer upstairs stands.
For the needs of the stands, we perform all the necessary electrical installation work.


We perform stands for fairs in the country and abroad with transport, assembly and disassembly according to the turnkey system.
We make projects and perform complete stands and other facilities at fairs according to the wishes of the organizers.


For all events, we provide project documentation, and the development of all planned elements as well as a sufficient amount of required equipment.

Led screens

We have LED screens with a resolution of p 2.5 (2.5 mm) radial and flat, and LED screens with a resolution of p 10 (10 mm) for viewing from a distance of more than 5 m for indoor events or fairs.
Screens can also be with sound system.
We provide technical support (technician on duty) during the event.


We design and build various interiors according to wishes clients of wooden elements, chipboard of various types, MDF, metals and other materials.


We provide graphics for all stands, events and other events.
When designing the stand, we incorporate the appearance of the graphics into the stands, according to the graphic preparations of the client. we provide printing, gluing and peeling of stickers on walls, floors and other elements of the stand.
From graphics we organize printing, assembly and disassembly of tarpaulins, bags, canvases for large surfaces and illuminated displays.
we provide the production of logos and 3d letters from forex, styrofoam, plexiglass and other materials.


Rental of additional equipment

we have quality equipment for stands and other events:
- counters, platforms, shelves, showcases of various shapes and sizes,
- luminous plexiglass columns, cubes, citiligts,
- furniture - tables, chairs, bar tables and chairs, armchairs, stools,
- mini kitchens, sinks, refrigerators, coffee machines, ice machines, water dispensers,
- doors, curtains, hangers, waste bins, brochure racks,
- tv 4d, plasmas of various sizes with dvd player or usb, wall mounts and freestanding mounts,
- floors, raised floors, practicables, floor coverings - laminate, carpet, chipboard, etc ..